closing shop : the green backseat season 2 finale

30 May 2009
6:12 pm

Wow, whadayaknow? You’re reading the season finale to Green Backseat’s 2nd season!

Yup, I know, its kinda abrupt.. no teaser write-ups, no warning shots whatsoever.. just bam! And here we are, at the end of all things. (applause!)

At the end of the first season (the 60th post), a season which was nicely ended (with the last entries covering an entire subject on why do we blog), i mentally took note that each season should ideally comprise of 60 episodes each—I know, its kinda long; Heroes ended its first season with merely 23 episodes, hehehe—what I failed to do, was to inform you dear reader of my intended format. And so here I am, profusely apologetic of this sudden ending...I’ve new readers who are just warming up to my writing style, just having stumbled upon this, the gentlest of the gentlest blogs in existence here in the blogosphere for chrissakes.. and here i am breaking to you the sad news. Cruelty? Nah. (thanks for following me btw, new followers!) Gentle just wants to rest and devote some of his time to some other things he has been neglecting for some time now.

If you are a regular reader you would’av easily guessed that this whole “I’m-ending-this-season-tis-the-last-you’ll-read-from-me” thing has something to do with the fact that I’ve decided to go back to exercising in the gym. I was foolish to think that closed door dance workouts, yoga and running from time to time will cover all the exercises needed to maintain a delicious body worth salivating for; it was a mistake, closing my gym membership, almost two years now. Well, I could’av survived with the set-up, actually, but what did me in was my naturally HUGE appetite that craves for merienda, even knowing that I just finished eating lunch or dinner. Hehehe. I’m not talking ‘bout dessert; ya know, that sweet little thing that you eat right after each meal? I’m talking ‘bout those medium sized meals unto themselves that you take in to fill those relatively long hours in between the proper meals. Hehehe. somehow nanay thinks it’s just natural though, to crave for meryenda after dinner. Kunsintidora ba. :)

So there. Back to square one, I suppose? I found this gym near my address (well actually, isang sakay pa ng jeep—but its ok). I conducted an ocular inspection one night, after office hours, walking the stretch of shaw boulevard; it took me almost an hour’s worth of walking endlessly, to finally find the place (as it happened, I was walking along the opposite direction pala, hehehe. kamusta naman?) the instructors were very accommodating, touring me around the gym to familiarize me with their facilities. We haven’t closed on any deal that night, but I left the place with my mind made up. If funds become available this june, and boy, they will, there’s no turning back. :)

And so where am I, exactly, at the closing of Backseat’s second season? I’m in my room here at the province, typing away on Gael. It just stopped raining and I’m about to go down to finish washing my socks and undies, which I left temporarily to check on Geloy and CJ playing “Heroes of Might and Magic” on my desktop PC in the other house across the street. Then all of a sudden, it rained really hard, like the sky’s about to collapse on us with all the rain it could muster—so I was stuck for a good one hour. With nothing to do, powerless to cross the street to the house where I left my laundry, I decided to write and make myself productive; trying my best, in words, to console avid Backseat readers who might feel they have been cheated with a sudden announcement of a season ender.

Well, here it is, anyway.

Goodbye for now; Backseat’s eight-month run was one helluva rollercoaster ride in the emotions department, but you stayed anyway, gentle reader. Surely this won’t be the last you’ll read from me. Season Three won’t be far away; as they say in Showbiz, I’m just gonna be ironing things with the management before the new season pushes through with the pilot episode. Starting this june, the production team will be very hard at work to ensure quality production in terms of top notch sets, riveting plotlines and special effects, come airing of episode one, hehehe. tsup. Stay tuned.

And now, to the laundry!


i'm a narnian said...

balik ka agad! LOL. game gymgyman na tayong lahat! :D

cb :: 林偉文 said...

can't wait! and good luck with the delicates. :D

gentle said...

@ narnian - haha. gymgyman ever. :)

@ nyl - tenx. i'll just be lurkin around blogs; my presence will still be felt, here in the blogging world and soon.. in the gyming (may ganung word?) world. :)

ize water said...

can't wait for season three. :)

buti ka pa may seasons ang blog. ako, kapag tinopak awol lang sa blogosphere. :) kung ikaw may seasons, ako weather-weather lang. :P

spongeBAB said...

hi gentle, now lang ako mag open uli blog mo season ender na naman pala, nangungumusta lang...