away from me, you glutton spirit, you!!

What a tiring day. I am writing this, at the eve of my 28th year, and 2 days of uncontrolled eating. I started my day, waking up with no definite goal in mind other than updating my music library, removing extinct links and streamlining my music to the stuff i currently enjoy; and retaining those that still work for me. Those that come from another era of taste—not necessarily that of a genre, i’m talking bout those things i previously enjoyed and now seems to hail from another time; a child’s taste in music—will definitely have to go. I am happy to report that nothing got accomplished of such grandiose a plan. I spent my day floating in a limbo of sorts. And no exercise, too. I just ate. And ate. And ate. And ate. Well, tomorrow’s gonna be my birthday ain’t it?

It all started Thursday night, when i went to my cousins’ house at ilang-ilang street, in commonwealth avenue in quezon city. The cousin i wrote of recently, died from the aneurysm attack she suffered. It was a sorta wake that i went to, except there was no corpse, no coffin to see physically. It was an online viewing for relatives, as she was in the U.S., working as a nurse when it happened. The desktop was turned on for the rest of the night going well into dawn, up until the time that i left for the province at around 10 in the morning, the following day.

The whole affair was the most un-wake-like wake (if ever there is such a word) i ever attended, thus far. instead of biscuits and coffee, we gorged on one of my cousin’s home cooked lomi noodles. Then one of my nephews, who is just about my age ordered roasted chicken and “crispy ulo” from nearby a lechon kiosk. We ate it alongside sips of san mig light and a Johnny walker black label that one of the nephews brought from his recent stint as a seaman abroad. We also had potato chips flowing in abundance to supplement the roasting. By the time one of the nephews took a picture to document the get-together (as everyone i know from that particular branch of the family was present that night) we were all so tipsy and smiling that the picture didn’t look like it was taken from a supposed funeral wake, at all. We did manage to say our prayers, though; and shed tears when gracie finally gave out her last words for her mom.

At around 3:30 in the morning when we retired to one of the assigned rooms for us, one of the nephews [kid kati] prodded me to treat him along with four other nephews present, to a nearby starbucks coffee house, rationalizing that it has been a while since we last saw each other and what is a starbucks, when it is your loved ones you are treating. At first, it all seemed like an ambush of sorts, as my wallet will definitely bleed from the overpriced coffee. But rationalizing to myself that it’s gonna be my birthday in three-days-time anyway, i gave in to kid kati’s proddings. And so the six of us walked to the nearby call center building in which a starbucks branch was housed. Along the way, i was already computing and sweating cold beads of sweat for the estimated cost of those six cups. Lucky for me, that when we got there the store was already poised to close and is no longer accepting orders. Hehehe. so we ended up at the adjacent ministop convenience store where they feasted on siopao and second-rate, trying hard starbucks frappucinos. Lucky me, indeed!

And so the gluttony continues til today. After hearing mass this afternoon, sis and i went to chowking to have an early night merienda at six pm, of congee and tokwa’t baboy. Arriving home, i made sure nanay had company (meaning, eat ulit... hehehe) while eating the siopao we took out for her and cj. Then i proceeded to make the fruit salad in time for tomorrow’s celebration, but that which already got a severe “tasting”, from the time i was whipping it, to the time we finished dinner at around 9:30 this evening. May natira pa naman for tomorrow. Haaayy.. haayyy talaga. At bukas pa ang birthday ko ha. Ayaw ko na kumain!!! Please!!


Mr. Scheez said...

Kaya naman pala di makareply sa text eh, punong puno ng food ang dalawang kamay pati na dalawang paa.

LOL! =)

Happy Birthday!!!! =)

:: cb :: said...

ayus lang yan! haha kailangan naman ng body natin ang food eh. hehe

maybe because i myself am a glutton, i understand. hehe

gentle said...

@ scheez - hahaha! sobra naman to! :) salamat friend. :)

@ nyl - not in excess! shempre in theory, ganun yun. pero pag anjan na, masarap eh. mahirap magpigil. hehehe.

:: cb :: said...

pero diba kapag pinipigilan, mas masarap patulan? hahaha yan ang sagot ko to moderation.