minus the juicebar and the gazilion channels

ok, i seriously need to go back to gym now.

i haven't really put on much weight that will necessitate the president of this land calling for national emergency, but i have been putting on flabs in the midsection that's quite alarming, in the sense that, before, i can already see a glint of muscle forming underneath the skin... now its just flab stretched miles and miles in my tummy area... waaahh!!!

ok, there's always yoga, which builds strength, muscle definition and flexibility that is a dream come true for all fitness enthusiasts. but yoga is not your ordinary exercise that you just get on whenever there is time. it actually demands concentration in a way that's also emotionally consuming. having said that, it’s not everyday that one would choose to practice yoga as it requires a certain frame of mind. and you can’t always be in that frame of mind, trust me.

and then there's also the age issue.. is it age related? well, i guess. how else do i find myself in this lethargic bliss, if not for the aging cells that whisper, "you need to get rest from all that strenuous exercising, o most gentle one!", hence the week-long laziness that pervaded my joints. but that will be nicely countered by the observation that some ancients i know of do not stray from their fitness routine for even a second's blink. and here i am, barely out of my teens (in vampire years, that is) and is in serious need of overhaul. hehehe.

that was the pool of thoughts i swam in, as i rode the bus going to the metro yesterday. i am kinda missing the fitness first environs which I left more than a year ago, but given the current economic situation of the country in which this gentle being is very much a part of no matter how he tries to exempt himself, i am forced to look for a good alternative which won't bleed my resources dry should i decide to enroll in a gym again.

Enter the local gym that got into my attention when eyvicat handed me a flyer that was also handed to him, at dinner last night. In the months living in my current address, it managed to skirt my attention as it was a bit out of the way from my route, going home at night; though it’s not that really out of the way as just a few meters walk from the MRT will bring one right to its doorsteps. Or at least that’s what the flyer was saying. From the information printed, it looks as though it is offering the same amenities as that of fitness first, minus the juicebar and the television with the gazillion channels. “weights, sauna, treadmill, boxing”. And best of all, what nearly sold me is the monthly fee of Php 600 per month.

Hush, now, my subjects.. I guess a trip to the gym is scheduled, one of these days.


Anonymous said...

Ang tanda ko na.

Ang taba ko pa.

Paano na yan?! =(

-- Mr. Scheez

lucas said...

nako...hindi pala pwede sa akin ang yoga...

i'm always distracted and preoccupied eh. hehehe!

goodluck with your workout. i know you can burn those flabs.

the geek said...

"it actually demands concentration in a way that's also emotionally consuming."

after an hour and a half na session, sarap matulog...hehehe

gentle said...

@ scheez - bawal ang self-pity koments sa blog ko, hehehe.

@ ron - tenx.. i'm still mustering the courage needed to take the first step. hehe.

@ geek - sinabi mo pa! :)

:: cb :: said...

P600?! that's a good deal! hehe hamuna yung juicebar at gazillion channels.

carina said...

saan yan??? i'm also gearing to return to the gym. kelangan na. at nabibitin na ako sa yoga hehe