busy little me

"For the heart is an organ of fire"
—Count Laszlo de Almassy, the English Patient

"We are bound by the secrets we share"
—Barbara Covett, Notes on a Scandal

"To love another person is to see the face of God"
—Jean Valjean, Les Miserables

"We are loved beyond our ability to comprehend"
—Jewel, Spirit Album inlay

"Put your hands on me, Jack"
—Rose de Witt-Bukater, April 14, 1912, R.M.S. Titanic

These are but a few lines I found myself reciting last night and early this morning, alongside lyrics from musicals I grew up listening to, and some other trivialities of Hollywood and other media. Hehehe. I dunno if it’s just me (well, it really is just me, who else is there to point to), but I find dwelling on the little details a very interesting exercise for the brain and the emotions as well. It’s a librarian’s characteristic, I think, to be very keen on details, that some people might find it a bit bordering on the insane and the lunatic. this has always been me as a kid; and last night, as I was havin coffee with a fellow blogger, the signs of lunacy manifested itself in full view.

What in the world am I talkin about, you might ask. Well we’ve talked about many things, actually, and because there is an unwritten rule in the world of blogging that you don’t talk about a fellow blogger behind his or her back, I’m not in the position to divulge anything that has been put on the table except harmless things such as trivialities. Hehehe. toward the last sip of coffee I found myself reciting things from musicals I listened to when I was a child. i say recite because I do not have the requisite vocal chords to translate ‘em into intelligible songs; so I just had to make do with recite hehe.

Blogger Alena was so transfixed with my so-called powers of reciting the lyrics from memory. And to think that it’s Miss Saigon from grade three. I told her that when I am so enamored of something, as in the case of a musical—the rendition of the songs contained therein—I tend to recreate in my mind the scenes depicted. at an early age of nine, I was able to immerse myself fully with the heart-wrenching story of a girl who mothered a bastard in Vietnam War. With that, I can say that more than anything else, I quickly learn using my emotions; no wonder that growing up, my playground became intense, highly emotional films, or music with thought provoking lyrics sung with an attitude the spells g-r-a-n-d.

And, as if my little recitation game last night wasn’t enough to hush up my restless mind, I kept on with my little game as I was riding the shuttlebus, going to work this morning. This time I busied myself with quotable quotes from the movies to preoccupy busy little me. Hmmm. I wonder what’ll be next. Hehehe.


Mr. Scheez said...

Awww, hopeless romantic. Hehehe =)

Niel Camhalla said...

some quotes are in danger of becoming cliches (if they haven't been yet) so we must use them well