of ugly sick pig and meat falling off the bone

Go on, sear me a beauty
That’s it—tender, falling off the bone
That one sure looks tempting enough;
Succulent, til the last drop
that’s bound to glaze my lips, wet my tongue
Stoke my hunger for more
As you stoke that fire to a roaring splendor

I intended to post this one over at my poetry site but i was never really comfortable with it to begin with. I honestly think its crap. It must be that i’m still not over with the holiday bug—all those delicious food, haha! Well it just goes to show that gluttony and poetry do not mix very well.

My office pc is finally working—was just delivered today. Now i can finally go back to REAL work. I hope it doesn’t bog down on me again. Hah! So much precious data.. can’t afford to lose a single one.

Anyways, i’t gonna be a real quickie.. its nearly seven in the evening; in a short while the floodway will be teeming with schools of fish all wanting to be out. But this has just to get through : the ugly sick pig incident has finally reached a satisfying ending. Its a hard battle, but i ended victorious. All the hard work has finally paid off, thanks to the people who rallied behind my cause. The ugly sick pig has fallen to the ground. And i couldn’t be anymore happier.


i'm a narnian said...

akala ko this post was about pigs.

i don't eat pork na. LOL

tim said...

whoah, ganun ba? atleast your pc is now okay. and you can start writing back again..

citybuoy said...

hurrah! hurrah! the wicked witch este sick pig is dead!

vanilla twilight said...

well, its nice your pc is working again. :-)

lucas said...

are you kidding me. i love the image of the poem...made me think--that's all that matters. what i like poetry is its ability to stimulate the mind and eventually the emotions.

isipipis said...

are you from cordi?

gentle said...

@ narnian - haha!!
@ tim - i'm trying to. but pictures are getting in the way, hehehe.
@ nyl - hurrah!
@ vanilla - yes it is. :) thanks for
a ron - thank you!
@ isipipis - nope, im from pangasinan.