i spent the whole day with my camera. i went home to the province this morning, holding my camera--in the mrt, the bus. i took snapshots of people and terminals.. and stuff;

and then my battery went dead.

note to self : must buy extra battery... uhm. i might need to buy a longer zoom lens too--i seem to fancy photographing people doing their stuff; and i'm havin a hard time, doing it with my itty-bitty lens. hehehe. when i got home this afternoon, i charged my battery right away, for me to take some more pictures.. clicking all the way til the light won't permit me to click anymore. i took a snapshot of my mom.. and then some flowers.

i'm going to manaoag tomorrow to pray for my operation, and to have my camera blessed too. and yes, to take pictures. :)


Victor Gregor said...

you have our prayers, too. everything will turn out fine. :)

ize water said...

I'll be praying for you too. Tough times, we have. It's so easy to tell another person be strong, but it ain't that easy anymore when it's you in such a situation.

Just pray. Everything is going to be okay. :)

citybuoy said...

here too. i hope everything works out well.

nice pictures, btw. :D