the caramoan picture storybook

a scene from the window seat, going to camarines sur

the inland waterway going out to sea is teeming with lush vegetation, mostly nipa and bakawan

caramoan town proper at 6:30 in the morning. this is already the busiest part of town; so "busy" that most people here know each other by name

this was the modified tricycle we rode during the two days worth of sight-seeing

an interesting old house we found by the roadside, on our way to the "stairs"

the stairs - 537 heart-thumping steps all in all, led us to

this breath taking view

one of the clearest waters i ever saw. clearer than that of boracay's; little fishes kept playing by my feet the entire time we were on this island

our tour's last stop - this island held many fun corners that i discovered one by one with my camera

like this one, straight out of a tourist's brochure

and this magical spot: the sunlight falling on the water's surface is glorious

before leaving the caramoan port on our last day, we were treated to an unexpected and very welcome "extra" - a peek at the mayon volcano; majestic from a distance


xtian1978ii said...

wow gaganda ng mga photos. saya naman

gentle said...

thanks xtian1978ii! masaya talaga. i love the unexplored feel of the place, very much unlike hundred islands na commercial na commercial na ang dating. :) nakakapagod pero enjoy!

Mr. Scheez said...

ingit na ingit ako. soooooobra. gusto ko pumunta jan! =(

the geek said...

i hate this post because i wanted to see the pictures in full color...hahahaha

Retro Manila said...

Excited to see more photos!

Knoxxy said...

nice sites.

citybuoy said...

great shots! kahit walang text, they tell a story.

Anonymous said...

galeng galeng ni genteel. di na yata kelangan ng lessons. hehe. :) i really, really as in, really liked your photos. :) (alam mo na kung sino ako)

spongeBAB said...

nice photos gentle, how about in color? but then again mas dramatic nga kung black and white... keep it up pang exhibit... yahuuuu!