the sweat, oh the sweat.

i miss the stretch. The sweat freely flowing out of my pores, drenching my skin; flooding me with an inexplicable euphoria. I miss feeling the arch of my back, in upward facing dog; my breath resounding in my ears as I go into a deep fold. I miss the four corners of my mat.

After nearly two months of going to the gym, feeling my muscles bulk-up, I’m gonna be having a session tonight. I’m excited, yet I feel like I’m a newbie all over again. I’m hoping and praying I’d be able to finish a session and not just collapse with tiredness on the floor after a few poses.

Oh well. We’ll see what happens. As they say, once a yogi, always a yogi. Or did I just made that up? Or, as Anne Rice said, “let the body instruct the mind”; or did I made that up, as well? Hehehe.


the geek said...

oh yes...the sweet sweat...

dahil tamad ng lumabas ng bahay, bumili na lang ako ng yoga dvd's. pati pilates, napagdiskitahan.hahaha

pero iba talaga yung feeling kung may kasama ka..

prinsesamusang said...

ibang klase ang description ah LOL good luck sa pagbalik mo at sana eh mainsipire ako ng post mo para magexercise din LOL

gentle said...

@ geek - so very true.

@ musang - hehehe. tenx! kaya yan! :)

Doc Mike said...

masubukan na nga din ang yoga na yan. goodluck sa flexibility ko. :D