o-m-g. i really have to clean up the room. and not just walis the floor ya know. it has to be major. like punas and stuff. (whoah, why am i talkin in a freakin kolehiyala way all so suddenly???)

last night i had major coughing scenes, one after another; something that just happened on the spot. like michael jackson's death. or david carradine's. (more on david's, later). i think it has something to do with the dust sticking to almost anything and everything inside that little abode i have been occupying for almost a year now. and when i inhale, ya know, like when the lungs expand to take in a fresh gust of air, its those sticky particles of dust that get through. and so the coughing scenes.

if memory serves me right, the last time i did a major clean-up, like arrangin things and stuff, was when shattershards and eyvicat slept-over around december of last year, after spending a day touring the metro and its obscure, out of the way eating places together with chyncha and the rabbit. hehehe. i'm so freakin clean and organized ya know! waaaiit! before those eardrum-shattering reactions, hear my alibi first wil ya? puhleaase??!

well... arrivin rather late from work, as i get off by around seven in the evening.. i have to wait for yet another twenty minutes for the shuttlebus to leave and take us directly to the mrt; takin the train and arrivin at boni / shaw by eight pm, eating my dinner then goin straight to gym for my evening workout. arriving home i barely have enough energy to do anything but to watch my anime! it ain't fair!! and what? you still expect me to dust things and be the freakin maid?? no way!! i've to sleep, ya know. i'm onto my sixty-second episode for one piece, btw. hehehe.

i'm in a net shop at boni right now, my precious globe visibility kit (now repackaged by globe as "tatoo") having left my care some two weeks ago. by leaving i meant, slipping from one's pockets unbeknownst to the gentle one. adik kasi eh, pati ba naman kasi sa bus papunta ng manila nag-iinternet; ayan tuloy, nahulog sa bulsa. i should'av just waited to arrive at boni and just surfed to my heart's content there! but nope! it just can't be! five hours sitting and doing nothing but staring at endless stretches of fields and houses (and occasional cuties along the way) is just not the way to go. i'm a type A personality; i've to always have something filling up my time, else i go bonkers. boinnng!!

so why am i here at the netshop? well, aside from the obvious (typing away, dear gentle reader), i had to check my email for an e-ticket and print it for tomorrow's seminar i am to attend, with shattershards at SM City North Edsa. the seminar's on blogging and how to make money out of what you babble about. sounds interesting? i hope. for myself and shat's sake hehehe. well, i really don't know what the particulars are of the said seminar, as i am just working on the overview eyvicat gave me, when he got ourselves registered for the event through mother zephyr. eyvicat's at cebu now, so its gonna be me and shats tomorrow, sitting it out for a 9-5 session that, i hope won't spell itself as b-o-r-i-n-g! welwelwel. pray its not, dear gentle reader.

about the david carradine item i babbled in my intro, well its this news article that came out at Time (i think) not one week ago saying that "Bill" from Tarantino's fourth opus Kill Bill, was found dead in a hotel room somewhere in Asia, his cause of death being "auto erotic self asphyxation" or something like that. its not as big an item like jacko's death but having read the item somewhat sent shivers down my spine. an officemate asked me what i make out of the clinical term the magazine printed as cause of carradine's death. i said to her its just another way of saying he died from "sobrang sarap". Time is just decent enough not to treat his death as tabloid fare; had it happened here and not in other parts of Asia, i bet our tabloids will have had a grand time feasting on poor David.

oh well.


cb :: 林偉文 said...

i saw a picture of david carradine hanging in his hotel room. kinda sad.

oh and don't forget farrah fawcett who died of anal cancer.

gentle said...

@ cb - oh, so he was hanging in his room. i was left with just words to work on. and being that im so lazy to look up the dictionary, i just figured that because there was the word erotic, and auto.. well you get how i arrived with my angle on his death, hehehe. nonetheless, yes, its very sad.