whew! just in time!

nearly missed the shuttlebus this morning. you might posit a guess that i started with my planned exercise schedule, as stated in my previous post. nope. i didnt twitch a single muscle er.. flab; instead i downloaded nina simone mp3s and spirited away tracks til around 1:oo in the morning. i dunno, my thoughts seem to pulse like some wild object at around that hour that, immediately after hearing my latest finds, i had the impulse of sitting down on an idea for a poem that struck me while on my way home last night. i didn't stop writing til i was satisfied with the finished product--that was around 4:oo in the morning. 3 hours. i wrote for three hours. its just a couple of lines but i'm the kind of person who gets obsessed on improving on drafts produced til its squeaky clean. of course it helps that i'm writing with gael, otherwise i don't have the needed patience, writing in longhand. and so just a couple of hours after finishing my lates "obra", i find myself two eyebag-full richer than the previous night. sigh. not good gentle, not good at all. some consolation i kept saying to myself, "at least may bago kang poym". hehehe.

for the latest cause of eyebags, click here


Victor Gregor said...

someone famous said: "beauty is the price of beauty." pwede rin pa lang literal. hehe.

Herbs said...

hihihi. its weird cause i always sleep by around 4-6am and then wake up around lunch and i still dont get eyebags. maybe its just how my body clock works :P

you should post the "poym" here. I would love to read it-i mean, 3 HOURS! hahaha. it has to be THAT good. (no pressure haha)

gentle said...

@ victor - nosebleed ako sa coment!

@ herbs - you can access the poym by clicking on the link in red letters. :)

lucas said...

hehehe! mas malaki ang eyebags ko sayo i bet :) when i write poem it usually takes 3 hours...takes longer more when i'm writing prose..hehehe!

may sunulat akong poem kagabi...took me 3 hours and yet it's only 5 stanzas. :P

thanks for the drop :)

Mr. Scheez said...

Di ka masyadong perfectionist, ha? =)

gravity said...

nyaha! a concealer would help =)

gentle said...

@ lucas - with the quality of your writing, mukha nga. hehehe.

@ scheez - oo, di mashado. :)

@ gravity - i'll go for the natural remedy.. sleep!! :)