My conversation with fellow blogger scheez over a cup of tea yesterday at coffee bean and tea leaf took lots of turns. One of the veins of that conversation was how a yogi (a yoga practitioner) eventually looses oneself in the pose, finding bliss and a relaxed state of mind—an idea which an officemate clearly enunciated just the other day, as being “in the zone” (click here for an “in the zone” article on yoga I wrote some months back). This officemate also paved the way for one potential “raket” of being a yoga teacher to a co-employee, whose previous exposure to yoga was les mills and fitness first’s body balance program. The program, a mix of tai-chi and yoga poses, was also my introduction to this ancient Indian practice, but I can say that I’ve diversified since then; I’ve gone on to learn and discover for myself other poses not taught in those classes, by reading yoga related articles found on journals and the internet. My three-year yoga love affair is still in its infancy so I am both thrilled and nervous that someone would want me to teach and inspire her. I’m still waiting for feedback/ confirmation from this co-employee from the other department; nonetheless, thinking of endless possibilities that this opportunity will open for me never fail to excite me and leave me exhilarated the rest of the day.


Niel Camhalla said...

That's a promising raket.

The link didn't work for me. :(

Niel Camhalla said...

Ahh... so that was where the titel came from.

lucas said...

nako mahihirapan yata ako dyan sa yoga. hehe! i have the worst sense of balance you see? hehehe!

gentle said...

@ neil - yes. hope you were inspired, reading it. :)

@ ron - yoga develops your sense of balance.

Mr. Scheez said...

Wow, special mention. LOL! =)

Why not get a certification? Par tuloy tuloy na rin. My friend is Bikram Yoga certified, from time to time he conducts trainings sa may Pasong Tamo =)

Word Verification: bilin (wag mo daw kalimutan ang bilin ko) ;)

Herbs said...

bongga talaga ang mga blog. andaming nagiging frienship hehe.

bossing-sunday na pala. sama ka?

gravity said...

hey! i've always wanted to try yoga! so calming ng dating whenever i see it in the movies or tv =)

Victor Gregor said...

gaano katagal ang required sa mga yoga session for it to have a considerable effect?

gentle said...

@ scheez- ayoko. it will just mean i'm succumbing to the commercialization of yoga. ibagsak si bikram! hehehe.

@ herbs - anong meron sa sunday? heheh. lagpas na.

@ gravity - it is!! try it when you've time.

@ victor - a minimum of three sessions a week will leave you feeling lighter.. parang lahat ng cogs are in place and working.