the culprit

Yesterday evening I had a wonderful dinner with shattershards and eyvicat at the old spaghetti house; that was after watching the hilarious “confessions of a shopaholic” together, at nearby greenbelt 3; and that was before raiding shattershard’s stash of anime dvds that, at least to me, are very precious commodities nowadays. Hehehe.

One of the titles i loaned from him was one that goes back to the good ole high school days : yu yu hakusho, or commonly known as ghost fighter. Ok, I think I said it before, but for the benefit of new backseaters not having to dig up old posts , lemme say that I was a bit of a nerd back in high school that I barely noticed the phenomenon that was ghost fighter back then. Yes, I know of Eugene, Alfred and the rest of the guys, but I rarely sit and watch an entire episode because I was busy with other things then; and to put it bluntly, I didn’t find anime interesting. But as they say, people, and interests, change. For the better or for the worse, I can’t really say.

Imagine a 27 year old (hunk. hehehe) gushing over the smooth movement of jin and mugen in samurai champloo. or when kanbei and kyuzou battle it out like two ice skaters/ dancers gliding fluidly on ice. That isn’t a sight to behold, yes? I’m referring to me, mouth gaping wide in excitement of the on-screen action, and not to the graceful samurai that just keeps growing on me with every episode watched. Of course they are a sight to behold. Anybody who says otherwise would have to explain to me, for a minimum of 500 words his or her reasons for the contrary belief. Joke. Hehehe.

Anime has been a staple in my itinerary for weeks now that if you are a regular reader, you might find the quantity of my recent posts not at par with what has been produced in the preceeding months. So when shattershards brought up the matter of my diminished posting power while we were feasting on our dessert, it didn’t take long for me to come up with an answer—I said it, and I said it aloud: anime is the culprit.


Herbs said...

at least now-you have the chance to watch it

it's like missing half of your childhood if you don't watch it hahah

ShatterShards said...

I remember back in high school the breaktime discussions every Thursday with regard Hakusho. Nerds, jocks, and everyone in between are huddled together in groups, recounting last night's episode. A few even attempted to learn Nihonggo in order to appreciate the anime (and the manga) better. Haha!

gravity said...

aha! anime is the culprit hehe.

ghost fighter, one of my all time favorite animes. i think may rerun yata ngayon sa GMA7?

i love the food at TOSH =)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, nice post. taga saan ka na nga uli pare?

gentle said...
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gentle said...

@ herbs - yeah, to all you said. :)

@ shattershards - A few even attempted to learn Nihonggo in order to appreciate the anime (and the manga) better. Haha!

-wel wel wel, adik silang lahat! ;)

@ gravity - and the ambience too! :)

@ isipipis - manda.