the numb doormat blues

The following paragraph was my supposed entry yesterday. At the last minute i decided to scratch it, having been already pacified with food. Lots of it. And lots of love too, from friends who stayed with me as i kept on munching burger king’s mushroom swiss burger, french-fries and affogato sundae, til my hurt feelings have been finally appeased. Nonetheless, having already processed said incident, for documentary purposes I am now posting it. thanks a lot guys, your pep talks made a lot of difference. Even the bulldog’s craziness helped in its own weird way. Love you all!

I feel numb. Its like the ugly sick pig incident is happening all over again. And yes, the culprit is another ugly sick pig. Whereas before, the pig’s pedigree leans on the native side, now the fuckin pig is more like a Berkshire, or a Yorkshire, or any of those white chinky chunks you see in meat shops. Fuckin meat shops. They never run out of those fuming, mouth-frothing varieties that seem to get me wherever i go. I sometimes wonder if its my lot in life to be a doormat. And i hate myself for that. if only i’d been a lot less gentler--he wouldav gotten a barrage of fuming, frothing tsunami of expletives coupled with a rousing recital of the Consumer Protection Act complete with amendments and annotations. with heart as black as his hooves, he attacked and he assaulted; he swirled and he twirled; while i remained timid, gentle me in the face of utmost danger. i hate it. i hate myself.

as i said, ok na ako. love ko na ulet sarili ko. really, i do. tsup!


Mr. Komplikado said...

Kuya I hope you're okay na.

Sometimes, if the need arises, we have to fight back. Self preservation ika nga nila.

prinsesamusang said...

LOL good for you. i always though food and friends always do the trick! your food description got me all salivating though!

lucas said...

[munching burger king’s mushroom swiss burger, french-fries and affogato sundae...]

ang sarap naman ng kinain mo. kung di pa natanggal depression mo sa mga to ewan ko na lang... hehehe! i love burgers :)