I was at the CR this morning when I overheard our office janitors havin a conversation about their thirteenth month pay.

Janitor 1 : O, dumating na daw yung 13th month natin?
Janitor 2 : Oo, kahapon lang.
Janitor 1 : Magkano?
Janitor 2 : 5 thousand pare
Janitor 1 : Ha? E di ba last year nag-8 thousand na tayo?
Janitor 2 : Dinig ko nga 4 thousand nga lang daw sana ang ibibigay ngayong taon.

I didn’t stay long enough to hear what Janitor 1 replied to his colleague. I went out knowing fully well that everyday, they are exposed to the employees talking how much “benefits” they are going to receive this Christmas from the big boss, or what additional cash benefits the employee union is still lobbying for the common good of the employees.

The office outsources its janitorial service to third party service providers, so the janitors do not enjoy the same monetary outpouring as the rest of the employees receive at Christmas. Its just saddening to think that these are the most overworked people around, doing numerous other things at the beck and call of most employees, other than cleaning the office premises, and they get a meager bonus for Christmas. We (I’m not excusing myself from this) remain day-in, day-out insensitive as to even remind ourselves to hush up a bit in their presence when the topic of conversation veers towards christmas bonus. Ampangit tingnan, di ba?

Sigh, office culture has crept into my veins.


thecurioscat said...

ganun talaga men

kami nga wala bonus then delayed pa sahod

Yj said...


Victor Gregor said...

Are you guys in the same union as the janitors are?

gentle said...

@ vg - nope. they don't have one.

wanderingcommuter said...

isipin na lang nila buti pa sila may 13th month pay, mas madaming tulad ko, wala.

pero kung tingin nilang dapat mas mataas ang nakuha nila ipaglaban nila!

naks! anu daw?

Chai said...

that's an eye opener.

labor has always been too cheap in the philippines.

Victor Gregor said...

Hmmm. Tingin ko may kinalaman ito sa pagiging outsourced nila.