i had oatmeal cereals for breakfast today, then i made tuna sandwiches and packed 'em for lunch. i've been planning how this day will play out, since before going to bed last night; making sure that i wake up earlier than usual to prepare my meals. excited ba. i even bought multi-colored sandwich bags at Rustans (chochal) for me to put my cute little sandwiches in.

oh, and i'm also downing barrel-fuls of green tea since last week pa. hehehe.

sana lang magtuloy-tuloy, no?.


the geek said...

hahaha lets cross our legs (no, not fingers ha) and hope for the best.

Niel Camhalla said...

Unless one can think of a variety of ways (not just recipes) to support that lifestyle and make it sustainable, it could get boring. I think you have been there, haven't you?

gentle said...

@ geek - the best.

@ niel - there and back again, a hobbit's tale by bilbo baggins.